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Frequently Asked Questions

To our valued 1stphilippines.com visitor,

Good Day!

It is our ultimate pleasure to be able to extend our services and support by being able to help you with all your queries in relation to visiting and registering in our site, thus, we have formulated an FAQ for your proper guideline. For other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is the time frame for the posting of my site upon connecting to a page?

    The process depends on the search engine used. You may be able to see your link to a preferred 1stphilippines page within 24 hrs. In case of further delay in the listing of your site, immediately notify us.

  • How does 1stphilippines.com evaluate a web site after the link has been set up?

    Our team closely monitors and checks the content of every web site that is accordingly categorized to a 1stphilippines link. Adult contents of the listed site must be in accordance to the law and proper age classification for the benefit of young visitors. We will not allow hacked, cracked, and illegal software use of contents.

  • Can I request for a removal or disconnection of my web site, if necessary, after being added to 1stphilippines site?

    Yes upon your confirmation we can remove your link if you intend to make changes to the contents of your web site.

    1stphilippines.com will also immediately remove any link/s that is in violation of the company rules evaluation.

  • What if I have mistakenly linked my site to the wrong page category, can I make the proper changes?

    Yes, but we do suggest that before linking your page to any of the 1stphilippines.com page or site links, make sure that you would be listing it to a correct category or site to avoid any complications.

    For assistance on this matter please feel free to contact us.

  • Does linking on 1stphilippines.com will give me a search engine advantage besides site traffic?

    Our web site is under a PHP link script to prevent inappropriate link detection to a bad site by even if you have added your site to it. Thus through this script, there is no assurance that normal links will generally have search engine boost.

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